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Recent Work

I’ve been working solidly over the last month or so, towards my exhibition which is coming up in July, and I’m feeling reasonably satisfied with most of the work. Recently…

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In March

Over the last month or so I have been working a bit more consistently on my painting and particularly on sketching. I’ve been trying to build up a resource of…

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What’s the buzz?

Painting has continued to take a bit of a back seat for me as we have been finishing our new house at Waikuku beach. I have managed a few sketches…

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Having a slow spell

Due to the fact that my partner and I are building a new house I’ve been a bit slack with my painting over the last couple of months. However I…

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Rarotonga and recent work

I’ve been working on a series of paintings which are drawn in pen and ink with only the focal point painted. They show European village scenes with an iconic vehicle,…

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Still trying

Although I have not been painting as much as usual over the last month I have been trying to produce some interesting work and have been experimenting. Following a trip…

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May – a return to pen and wash

For the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with some larger works in pen and wash. I have been trying to draw as loosely and quickly as possible…

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I’ve been painting a lot recently, working in pen and wash and watercolours. I’ve continued to try to develop a looser style learning from the work of Judi Whitton. In…

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Summer 2008/9

This summer has been really hot with many days exceeding 30 degrees. We holidayed over the Christmas, New Year period with my partner’s mother at Marahau in the Nelson region….