A wet day puts a damper on things


I slept pretty well last night but on waking found it was raining lightly. After a good breakfast I had to decide whether to move on today, in the wet, or to stay where I knew I had a comfy room. After a bit of humming and harring I decided to stay. Of course  when you are staying in a B&B there is not much to do so I decided to go for a walk in this beautiful village. I was 10 minutes out and got caught in a bit of a deluge so had to head back to my room. Later the rain stopped so I took my bike out for a look around the area.
A bike is really an excellent way to sight see as you cover more ground, you’re up a bit higher and its easy to stop if you want to take a photo or anything.
My ride took me to north Geithoorn  then Dwarsgracht, both similar to where I’m staying but less popular with tourists. I found a cafe and sat under a large umbrella out of the drizzle, had a bowl of tomato soup and made the drawing above before putting on the big rain cape/poncho I had bought in Alphen and rode back keeping reasonably dry. Guess I’ll venture out again for tea.

2 thoughts on “A wet day puts a damper on things

  1. Hi Quilliam

    Love your sketches! The trip seems to be going well. Happy cycling.

  2. Hi Quilliam,

    Love the vision of you in your poncho!
    Hope the weather improves for you as you travel south. With temperatures o/night so low you could well be back in N.Z. But what a great adventure you are having.
    Judith and Ian

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