An exciting opportunity

Last week I was asked whether I would like to be the guest artist at a small show in the Ashburton Society of Arts Early Spring Show at their Short Street studio. The artist who was to feature is unfortunately unwell and they kindly asked me to step in at very short notice. Initially I was not sure that I had enough work to show but by juggling what work was to go where I’ve managed.

Early Spring Show

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 19 August

10am at the Short Street Studio
Exhibition finishes Sunday 24 September (5 weeks)

I’ve been painting frantically for the last few weeks, since my success at the Christchurch Art Show because I knew that I had a few more shows coming up. I seem to have been thinking about what I paint and why but I’m not sure that I have really come to any great insight but I do believe that  any artist needs to paint those things that he/she loves. It should be obvious to anyone who knows my work that travel and history are two things which really appeal to me.

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