Recently a number of people have been kind enough to ask me to paint works. Sometimes they want me to create a memory for themselves or as a gift. Perhaps they want a painting of the home they have left or anticipate needing to leave. Sometimes it’s a painting of a place which resonates for them. Very occasionally I’ve been asked to paint a portrait which is not at all within my comfort zone.

After discussion and often a visit to the site I start on the the work which, for me. Is where the difficulty starts because I am always conscious that I am painting to someone else’s expectation. I guess I know that the person commissioning me has seen my work and probably spent time perusing my website and has a good idea of what I will produce. But I, almost invariably, find my commissioned work is tighter and more detailed than works I create for exhibition. In addition I find when creating commissions that it is more difficult to decide when the work is finished.

However I’ve been very luck y that those who wanted me to paint the work are pleased with the work or at least polite enough to appear pleased.

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