Gouda and on my way home


Well I’ve got to the end of my holiday, and in some ways I seem to have left the best until last. On my last full day I spent the morning sorting washing, packing etc. Then, on the suggestion of my friends daughter Roxanne, I caught the train to Gouda which turned out to be probably the most attractive small town I have visited. It has a very large in square or markt with a beautiful old stadhuis, hall in the middle and other very attractive old buildings all around. It also has a beautiful  14th century church which was set up for a wedding. The town seems to be a popular place for weddings as I saw two or three at the stadhuis while I was drawing the pic above.

Saturday saw my friends drop me off at the airport for the long flights home. I am writing this at Singapore airport, after a good sleep at the transit hotel which I really reccommend.

2 thoughts on “Gouda and on my way home

  1. Hi Quilliam,
    We enjoyed reading your stories and hope you had a good journey back to N.Z.We loved having you with us and hope to see again in the near future.

  2. Lovely to read your blog- perfavour Roger who was here at the weekend.
    I hope you get safely home with lots of ideas for your art in the days to come.

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