On the fast train


    As predicted all I could manage last night was a pasta meal near our hotel then off to bed.
    After several coffees with a good breakfast this morning off we headed to catch the train to Bordeaux. I’m extremely impressed with the public transport system here in France. We only needed one metro train to get to Gare du Montpasse but after a lighting at the Montpasse Bienvienue station it was a ten minute trip underground to the main line station. I reckon we stood on a travelator over 500 metres long for one section of the walk.
    The TGV train system is very efficient, you check your train number and about 15 minutes before departure your platform number appears on the board. You then go to your allotted carriage number and take your seats, the train departs and later the inspector verifies your ticket.
    Travel at up to 320 km/h is very smooth and quiet, with much more to see than on an aircraft. France is a big place and we saw lots of crops including, wheat, maize, sunflowers, and nearer Bordeaux heaps of grapes (funny enough).
    Bordeaux is a lovely old city built of golden brown stone with many town gates, a beautiful old cathedral, cosy squares and mighty monuments. I managed to walk 5km (according to Mark’s phone) without feeling too bad. We ended up in a trend square really needing a cool beer, so while we sat and enjoyed the sun I made the sketch above.
    Pretty hot here, by the way, I don’t think I’ll need my jersey for a while.

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