Some new work

It’s a strange and fickle business this painting lark, and the process seems to run like this.

  1. You put a big effort into painting work and (I believe) you can only successfully work on subjects which appeal to, and have some meaning to you.
  2. You get works completed, then you frame the best of them which is not an inexpensive business.
  3. You have your favourites but you enter all the framed work in shows because you have invested the money on the framing and because there is not much point in painting if no one is to see them.
  4. Then the ones you rate don’t sell but the ones you like less do and if you win an award then that painting doesn’t seem to sell.

What the?

Anyway I’ve selling a few and  been painting pretty hard towards a joint show in February and a possible solo show in March. More info soon.

Here are 4 recently completed works.

[nggallery id=26]

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