Oh Vienna

Another tower, this time the Town Hall in Bratislava
Another tower, this time the Town Hall in Bratislava

This morning’s highlight was getting our laundry done, we’ve been getting by with washing a few items in our hotel bathroom and hoping they will dry overnight. So last night Google found a laundrette in Bratislava then this morning (Tim) our GPS got us there. I missed one turning and the re-route took us up a very steep, narrow and winding partially cobbled back road that seemed to run through the back gardens of houses. I was very glad not to come across a car coming the other way. The laundrette, once we got there was great, we had a coffee in a cafe opposite while the wash was underway and are pleased to have our cases filled with clean clothes.

A nice drive of about seventy km took us through nice small Austrian towns until we got near to Vienna, but the last fifteen km through an industrial area then into the city became a bit nerve wracking. This time I managed to follow Tim’s instructions and we made our hotel by about one pm.

We chose a hotel near an underground station and, after buying a three day ticket, were in the centre of the town in no time. Having sworn off cathedrals, palaces, castles for a day or so we visited the Albertina gallery which has an amazing collection, although it mostly holds special exhibitions and many of the works are not on show. We saw an exhibition called “Monet to Picasso” which had some good works from the impressionists (Monet, Renoir, Sisley), a lovely little Rodin sculpture, works by Pissaro, Cezanne, Chagall, paintings and sculptures by Giacometti , and particularly Picasso. Generally I find that, among those artists the more recent they get the less I can relate to them, but in the next room was an exhibition entitled “Bacon Wahol Richter” which (with the exception of Francis Bacon) I find much more approachable. Wahol’s  large multi coloured paintings of Mao Tse Tung is great and I  really enjoyed the works by Roy Lichtenstein.

Lunch/dinner followed at about 4.15pm, I had bratwurst, sauerkraut and sautéed potatoes, before a wander along the main shopping street. By about 6 pm we were pretty tired and high tailed it back to the hotel for a rest and to research our programme for the next couple of days.

3 thoughts on “Oh Vienna

  1. You’ll be churched out shortly! But there is something about them, even if it’s only just to find a quiet and contemplative spot for a few moments – well usually, that is.
    Glad the laundrette has you all clean again – a whole new beginning!

  2. good to know you have clean clothes! I loved your latest sketch, hope your fantastic navigating skills continue to keep you on track. I’m pleased you liked my sketch of Elizabeth at her Karate grading, looking forward to having you back at art on a Tuesday, we had big crowds for the last couple of weeks, it’s not the same without you!

  3. Hi again,
    Enjoy the good weather- you certainly would have the clothes blowing off the line here.
    Make the most of your holiday time left, as the winds(and rain,and snow) are starting to make their presence felt here in the South.
    All the best
    Judith & Ian

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