A rough crossing

Today has been cold and windy although there has been almost no rain so we were able to get back to Peel this morning. We had a good wander around the town and found the house where my grandmother had been born on the first of May 1890. I photographed the house but it was under repair and had scaffolding over it.

This afternoon, we joined the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s ship the Manannan for the crossing to Liverpool. The ship is a twin hull fast ferry similar to the ones which were used on the Cook Strait service a few years ago. After boarding we were told that winds were gusting to force eight and the crossing could become a bit rough.

And it did, they recommended passengers remain in their seats and at one stage it would have been difficult to stand. Paulette, who had always been a poor sailor, was horribly seasick but I was surprised to get through the trip all right. However, I may never get Paulette on a ship again.

Tomorrow, around Liverpool.

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