Lost in Skipton

Yesterday we spent the full day in Liverpool. We had decided that at nine pounds the “Hop on hop off” bus tour was good value but discovered that, as seniors, we could get tickets for six pounds. Ya!

The modern Catholic Cathedral, a vast circular building with lovely, modern stained glass was a joy to visit, as was the (also fairly modern) Anglican Cathedral designed in the traditional gothic style. This is a truly vast building with giant arches and a Lady Chapel, lost out the back, which is larger than most churches.


The town seems fixated with its Beatles past. Tours pass the houses where they were born, at least two of which are now National Trust properties, there seem to be several Beatles museums and around the Cavern area there seem to be numberless Beatle souvenir shops.

Today we picked up our rental car, a new Peugeot 308, but our first stop was at a laundrette before heading on to Whalley where we visited the ruined Abbey. Tonight we’ve spent an hour or so following a marked walk around Skipton, a very attractive Yorkshire town with a canal and a castle. Very enjoyable despite a strong cold wind and our getting lost several times.

2 thoughts on “Lost in Skipton

  1. Hello again. Good to hear that the Beatles are still “popular”, and you seniors do have some perks too! Enjoy your travels in your flash new car.
    Judith & Ian

  2. just had a quick catch up on the last few days adventures… ferry trip sounded horrific! xx

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