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Before the storm

Last night we had the most amazing thunderstorm, I guess it lasted two hours, the lightning penetrated our room and our eyelids and the thunder was as loud as I have ever experienced.

Today dawned overcast and a bit cooler, but we went out in shorts and tee shirts, I guess it got to 23 degrees or so. Very pleasant but I don’t mean to gloat. Apart from a bit of shopping, visiting a couple of very nice churches and the inevitable walking our main activity was a visit to the Neue Pinakotek (art gallery). I’ve also managed a few quick sketches over the last couple of days but nothing I’m particularly pleased with.
Munich has heaps of excellent museums and at least three major art galleries. I wanted to go to the Alte Pinakotek which focuses on pre 19th century works to see the Albrecht Durer paintings but, getting there, we found it is closed on Monday as do many European galleries. The Neue Pinakotek closes Tuesday and, by the time our visit was over I was very glad that we’d missed the other.
The gallery has an enormous number of beautifully executed, near photographic, paintings by German artists many of which I found a bit soulless although there are good works amongst them. But along with a very good Turner, a Constable, a Stubbs there are several Renoir works, an excellent Manet, works by Pissaro, Cezanne, Sisley, Monet and three by Vincent Van Gogh.

Over all it was a joy, the gallery was not busy and we could really enjoy the paintings. We have enjoyed Munich greatly and the people have been pretty friendly but what a miserable lot the museum room attendants were (and those at the Residenz yesterday). They weren’t officious but I think if any of them were to smile it might be the first time.

Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and head east.

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  1. Hi again,
    Loved your earlier photo of the two children . A pity your museum room attendants couldn’t “lighten up”. Perhaps they take their job too seriously. Watch out for our Sixtus rellies on your travels. Enjoy.
    Judith & Ian

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