Out and about in Munich

In the Englischer Garden
In the Englischer Garden

Another warm day but by staying in the shade as much as we could and keeping our fluid levels up we’ve had a really enjoyable day.

Breakfast means different food in different countries around here bread rolls with ham, luncheon sausage and/or cheese seems the norm, but our hotel had cereal available so we managed a more normal (to us) start to the day.

Our main activity for the day was a visit to the Residenz the former city palace of the Wittelsbach family who ruled Barvarian for centuries. It’s an enormous rambling maze of buildings which developed over time since the 11th century with quite a lot of it having been repaired after Second World War damage. It seemed to have a near infinite number of sumptuously decorated state rooms, and that was with some large sections closed for renovation. While not quite as over the top as the Versailles palace in France it was nicer to visit because there were fewer visitors. The Antiquarian hall was the most impressive, 66 metres long with a barrel vaulted ceiling and a vast collection of ancient sculptures.

The treasury was also very impressive with a wonderful collection of gold and jewel encrusted items along with many precious items beautifully crafted from rare materials. To me the most beautiful being a crown from the eleventh century which had come as a dowry item of an English princess who had married a local ruler.

We also visited the Cuvillies Theatre, a high Baroque space still used for performances, in fact there is a show here this evening.

We walked through the Hofgarten stopping to listen to a cellist in a stone rotunda, another of those special moments you just stumble upon, then into the Englischer garden where many people were sunbathing.

A weis (cloudy wheat) beer, perhaps my favourite so far.
True Bavarian gentlemen
True Bavarian gentlemen

Our walk back took us past the Hofbräuhaus (the most famous beer hall), we walked inside for a look but chose to stop for a beer and a snack under the umbrellas of a cafe terrace opposite.

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  1. You’re making me very envious!!! And ‘homesick’ in a funny way.


  2. warm sunshine sounds great, frosty here, I love your sketches Quilliam
    cheers Rosie

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