By train to Donauschingen

Today, Friday, started with an excellent fruhstuck (breakfast) in our Munich hotel, overlooking the busy road from the railway station. Blue articulated trams cruised past in one direction while we watched the populace heading to work.

Donauaquelle, the nominal source of the Danube 

Much of the rest of the day was spent on two, very contrasting, trains on our way to Donaueschingen where we are to start our cycle journey tomorrow. The first train which took us to Ulm was a high speed (ICE) model which wafted is along, with very few stops, while the second was a rather noisy regional diesel unit which travelled slowly, stopping frequently. It more or less followed the route we will be cycling over the next few days. The Danube valley is lovely with forests and limestone cliffs and is an outdoor sport destination with canoeing and cycling groups often visible.


Donaueschingen is a very picturesque town and after we picked up our bikes we cycled up river before having an excellent dinner at a hotel attached to the local brewery (Furstenburg). We sampled the product and declared it very enjoyable. While dining we noticed that the hotel music system was playing a Split Enz track. Go figure!

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