Our first day cycling

Our first day on our bikes has gone pretty well although there may have been one or two too many uphill stretches. But we are cycling down the Danube so I guess there have been more down hill stretches.

After an excellent breakfast we headed out to our bikes and soon found that I didn’t have enough tie downs to secure my bag to the carrier. We then had to wait half an hour for the bike shop to open for me to buy more stretchys.

We finally got away about 10am and rode fairly steadily till the spot in the Danube river bed where the river often vanishes into sink holes, but with it being spring the river was flowing past. However it did seem smaller than it was upstream.

There was a makeshift cafe at a rest area where we had a burger lunch, before a nice walk to where the river often vanishes.

Next stop was not far on at Mohringen where we were stunned by the beauty of the scene with church tower and ancient town hall.

About 30 minutes further cycling took took us to our destination of Tuttlingen where we are staying at a really modern hotel.

Following a beer and a relaxing half hour or so we headed up a nearby hill to the remains of Schloss Hornburg which was a bit of a stretch for me after a few hard days but, never the less really beautiful.

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