Farm Shed near Waitomo

North Island Holiday

A few months ago my partner and I took our motor home to the North Island. This time we concentrated our trip on the area north of Taupo as we’d had an earlier holiday in the southern part of the island.

As always I had my sketching equipment with name and I managed a few A4 pen drawings along with some smaller sketches. A few of these had a colour wash applied later.

The whole trip was a great experience although our plans ended up being flexible due first being locked out of Auckland by their Covid-19 lockdown, this had us adding Gisborne to our itinerary and then while we were camped near the beach there was a good earthquake and tsunami warnings prevented us going round East Cape. We scuttled back over towards Whakatane but were delayed because Opotiki had been evacuated and the whole town were sitting in their cars on higher ground. The rest of the trip went well, catching up with family, visiting family venturing into the far north and meandering back towards Wellington and home.

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