Friday 1 June

It was a day of two halves today, the first half in trains and the second exploring the town of Nuremberg.

In Germany there seems to be two classes of railway trains, the regional and the ICE, which may stand for Intercity express. So in travelling from Ulm to Nuremberg we had to change in Ausberg, this theoretically gave us 10 minutes but in reality we almost ran between platforms and only just made our second train. But the whole journey was only about two hours, so we were in Nuremberg around midday.

The centre of the city still has most of its impressive walls and is, yet another beautiful place to visit with a great castle, market square, and several ancient churches.

Perhaps the highlight for me was a visit to the Albrecht Durer house. I have always liked his work and the house had great displays.

One thought on “Nuremberg

  1. Yes, that’s right. ICE is the intercity express and the other is the regional which stops at every station. I use both from time to time. Way back in the 70’s I missed my ICE connection and had to use the regional, but it was a life saver, the ICE was involved in a high speed smash!

    cold and wet here today!


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