Saturday 2 June

Today was another of our series of days when we travel by train in the morning and become tourists in the afternoon and evening. Today we travelled for about an hour between Nuremberg and Würzburg. 

Würzburg is on the Main river and consequently on the route all the tour boats take travelling from Amsterdam to Budapest. As a result there were bulk tourists, with guides holding flags, everywhere, however the tourists are here for a reason. Without a doubt it is a very attractive small city with an ancient stone bridge with the statues of saints on either side. This morning there was barely room to move but with views of churches at one end and the castle towering above at the other you could forgive the tourists.

After a good walk around the town visiting two churches, a market and buying a promised pair of shoes we stopped for lunch where we had a view of the castle. We both ordered a pizza which,when they arrived must have been 20 inches in diameter. They were delicious and I only gave up with about a quarter untouched.

Our return walk took us past the Residenz (another palace) where we passed on the visit and tour, we did, however, visit the beautiful gardens round the back.

Crossing back over the river we climbed a heap of steps up to the castle of the former Prince/Bishops of the area, the views were great and the hilltop location must have been a great defensive position. After all I was breathing heavily walking up and couldn’t imagine fighting my way up, particularly with multiple moats to cross and gates to break through.

After a couple of hours break in our hotel room we headed out for dinner. The light was great, there were massive numbers of people about and the evening was warm. A great day!

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  1. Hi
    Great travels, Quilliam. I’m so looking forward to Germany come Sept. you’ve captured Wurtzburg beautifully.

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