Exhausted in Enkhuizen



Well I am feeling a bit tired, and I couldn’t resist the alliterative title. I’m writing this while I’m having dinner, a pretty boring grill tonight but I have been a bit adventurous with veal (raw with cheese and salad greens and very tasty) one night and kibbeling (fried smoked fish pieces, nice) and I tried pickled herring, you just hold it by the tail and toss your head back and lower it into your mouth ( it was a bit fishy for me) while smoked eel was much nicer. I’ve also been trying a variety of beers, with Texel being my favourite so far.
While I’ve been eating, just now, I’m sure the nearby church bells played “Teddy bears picnic” on the hour then ” Happy birthday” on the half.
Today’s ride took me 40 km from Edam to Hoorn, with its lovely main square where I had morning coffee (and sketched) then on to Enkhuizen and the Zuiderzee museum, with historic buildings from around the local area (another sketch) then to a very big campsite where I found a tent site on my own for the first time.
The photos are of Enkhuizen but are fairly typical of any Zuiderzee port.

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  1. Does the Texel beer have a sheep on the can? Thanks for the food report and pictures

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