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Today has been my longest ride (73 km so far and still 3 to get back to my campsite. I had been dreading crossing the dijk from Enkhuizen to Lelystad, its 32km across what used to be called the Zuiderzee (before it was cut off from the North sea), but I had a good tail wind, for the first time and managed it in less than 2 hours. Since the crossing had gone so well I decided to head north to Urk and, of course, I promptly turned into a head wind. So I’ve been on, or beside, the water all the day and there have been bulk windmills (electricty generating) and I mean bulk literally thousands, I stopped for a break directly under one and the size and sound was awesome.
The drawing is of Hoorne where I had morning tea yesterday and the photo is in Urk.

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  1. Great to be getting daily updates of your progress and experiences. Sounds a fascinating place – flat but windy and the seafood very interesting. Keep the news coming. Travel safe.

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