From Edam


Just a quick post today. I’ve only travelled 30 km or so today, but its been pretty hot and there has been a strong head wind all day. Stopped in Broek in Waterland  and made a quick sketch then in Marken for lunch where I sketched this pic before catching a ferry to Volendam. I did not stop there as I am meeting some dutch friends there tomorrow, but came straight on to Edam which seemed lovely, so I might go back there for dinner.
The campsite is on the lake (formerly the Zuiderzee) and is packed with families all swimming and lounging in the sun.

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  1. Zay is wondering if you are loosing weight? – we are trapped in Dubbo (center of NSW) now for 10 days – RV has had a hissy fit and dumped the clutch – parts should arrive Tuesday
    Safe travel – Roger H

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