Our last day on our bikes

Wednesday 30 May

This was to be our last day cycling and started with what has become our standard breakfast. Meusli with fruit and yoghurt, coffee (several cups) and bread rolls with a choice of several cheeses, several varieties of ham, salami or luncheon sausage.

Heading out on our bikes we left the Danube and headed for Blaubeuren.we travelled through absolutely gorgeous valleys farmed in wheat, maize, and rape and boarded by lovely forests so we were often travelling between rows of crops or along the forest edge.

Blaubeuren is a real tourist destination with an abbey and a blue spring which feeds the Blau river which we followed all the way to Ulm where we are staying for the night. Ironically as we cycled into Ulm at the end of our 200 km journey I rode over some glass and punctured the front tyre. As we were within a couple of km from our hotel we just walked. The hire company will arrange to have the bikes picked up from the hotel.

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