Sunday 3 June

This morning’s train ride was a little longer, taking two hours and getting us to Hanover, a bustling city with over a million inhabitants. After checking into our hotel we headed out and soon discovered that there was some sort of festival on with stands and displays in tents on most of the city roads. It took us a while to realise that it was promoting sustainable technology and a car free Sunday.

There were all manner of things happening like an enormous variety of bikes and e bikes on show, electric cars, sporting displays like inline skating tricks, trick cycling, rope ladder climbing and so on. It was a lively scene and gave us a good impression of the town. 

Of course we could not neglect our sight seeing and we visited the old town, another church and eventually the new Rathaus, or town hall, a massive structure with an enormous dome. I drew this pic from the small lake behind the Rathaus.

We continued on and found a larger lake, apparently the largest artificial lake in the area. There were all types of boats on the water from sailing yachts to solar powered barges, launches and pedal boats. Of course, being Sunday there were lots of people wandering around enjoying the day.

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