To Amsterdam

Monday 4 June

Much of today was spent on the train travelling from Hanover to Amsterdam a journey of about four and a half hours, and because the train departed a 10.40am and then had signal trouble it was after 4pm before we got to our Amsterdam hotel. I really enjoyed the train trip, the views were great, it gave us a break from constant sightseeing and we broke the journey by having lunch in the buffet car.

Our hotel is typical of Amsterdam, to get to our room you climb a flight of very steep stairs from the street entrance to the reception, then another very steep flight before meandering round several corners, often with a few steps before going outside into a light well between buildings and into another hall with our room immediately on the left.

Quilliam joins the night watch..


After settling in we headed out around the canals and out to Leidseplein where I sketched the theatre building while we had a beer and bitten ballen. Next we headed to Vondelpark (a green space with ponds popular with the locals and a main route for cyclists) then round to the Rijksmuseum for the mandatory photo of the iamsterdam sign then back in to our hotel. Of course all the way I was taking photos with the thought of making paintings later.


We dined nearby at an Italian restaurant. 

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