Landsmeer, north of Amsterdam


A bit less distance travelled today (54 km) but I was fighting a strong head wind all the way. I always knew that today would be a long one because campsites are rare in this area but while the wind was a nuisance my body seems to have held up pretty well. I travelled through Haarlem with only a brief stop and only made one serious navigational error ( I’ve overcome my problem with asking for directions, which has helped several times today ). The highlight today was the Zaanse Schans windmill reserve where I lunched and sketched. Earlier while waiting for the ferry to cross the Amsterdam ship canal I took a photo of a large ship apparently sailing across a field. The photo is of my campsite which is fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Landsmeer, north of Amsterdam

  1. I hope you have a great trip,
    greatings allard ,we met on the terras yesterday.

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