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Had a pretty busy day today and I’m feeling pretty tired. This morning I hopped on my bike and headed to the station where I stored it in a guarded bicycle store, they charge one euro or so to look after it for a day. Next on to the train for Utrecht which I’d missed visiting when I bailed from the cycling/camping. The station is enormous (I arrived on platform 19) and incorporated into a massive, ugly, sprawling shopping centre but once you get out the town is an attractive place with canals set deep into the ground with old basements near water level. many of these basements have been converted into cafes.

The old cathedral has a tower, the Domtoren, 106 metres (406 steps) high so of course I had to join the group and climb it, the view was great and in the distance Amsterdam and the Hague could be seen.

I also visited the St Catherine’s Convent museum which shows a collection of religious artifacts, silver and gold plate, statuary, paintings etc. It was imaginatively laid out and managed to be good fun.

In the middle of the afternoon, I needed a break, so I found a cafe with a view and sat and drew the pic attached. The photo is of the tower.

4 thoughts on “A day in Utrecht

  1. Hi, We are keeping track of your meanderings, but not jealous at all We are just too old for such a lifestyle. You must now be really fit. Currently we are at Gavin and Cheryl Cantricks and will visit Margaret in Boonah next week. The first month has been a bit disasterous $7500 for a new clutch in the RV – yes $7500. Will explain later.
    in the meantime, just keep those pedals moveing!
    Love Zay and Roger

  2. beautiful paintings Quilliam, your days seem very full, you must be ready for a rest?

  3. Dear Quilliam,
    I have just had Roger and Zay visiting me here in Boonah and they gave me your blog to read.What a great holiday you are having.
    I am just home from 6 weeks with Dominic and Cora in The Hague. I am sorry we did not see each other.I loved my visit there. The museum in the Hague where I saw ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earring and works of the masters is only two blocks from where Dom and Cora live.
    Try to see Floriade if you have the opportunity. I know it is far from The Hague but you may be back that way.
    If you would like to visit Dom and Cora please let me know and I will give you their address. Dom will be in London from Monday for a week but after that would be fine.
    stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

  4. Hi Quilliam, Have just scanned your very interesting description of Utrecht and
    great little w/c. Sounds like it will be feet up for a few days on returning home!
    You’re escaping some pretty cool and hucky weather down here. At least the sun is heading south in 3 or 4 days time! Cheers Ron

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