I was a bit worried that our day travelling from Paris to Kefalonia was going to become an ordeal but in reality it was only the first hour or so that had a nightmare quality.
After 10 minutes wheeling our cases to the “Port d’Orleans” metro station we dragged them onto a pretty full train for 3 stops until we changed to the RER rail network heading for the airport. This train (which also serves several of the main rail stations) was so full that, once on, even breathing was an effort, and at every stop bulk people were trying to get on and off. We grad ually shuffled our selves and our bags further on to the train. Fortunately at the Gare du Nord most people exited and the train became an express to Roissy Charles de Gaulle and we managed to sit.
The rest of the day went exactly to plan making out 4 hour flight to Athens and the transfer to the flight to Kefalonia with Olympic airlines on a prop driven Bombadier aircraft was pretty pleasant. We were picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. However, the next day was a major strike protesting the fiscal austerity measures the Greek government had been forced to implement so we were a bit lucky to get here at all.
Argostoli, where we are staying is a pleasant town and our hotel room has a harbour view, albeit, between some other buildings. We have a great terrace on which to sit although it is too hot during the day.
I’ve made quite a few sketches and have put a wash on a couple, so I suppose we must have had a few coffees.
Yesterday we had a rest day with a siesta in the afternoon after watching the fishing boats and having a walk across the old bridge/causeway to the peaceful British cemetery on the other side of the harbour. The cemetery contains the remains of service personnel who died here while the area was a British protectorate in the 1800s.
This morning we caught the ferry to Lixouri, on the other side of a large bay for a wander around the town and this afternoon we caught a bus to the beach at Lassi (truly glorious) where we swam, sun bathed and sketched.  A great day!

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