One night in Paris (well three actually)


On our second last day, with our Dutch friends they drove us to Brugges in Belgium. I should say that our friend is a car enthusiast and our travel was in Peugeots, either a 1956 403 or a 1965 404 wagon (a seven seater). Both cars are in good original condition and ran very well.
Brugges is a fairy tale town, almost too cute to be believable. We sat in the main square for our morning coffee then after a wander had a canal cruise in a smallish boat. During the whole cruise there was barely a moment when the view would not have been worth painting.
In the evening we had a wander around the coastal town of Domburg near our camp ground before dinner.
Yesterday was one if those trip days that you endure rather than enjoy. Our friends kindly drove us to Antwerp to catch a train to Paris but a traffic jam meant we could not make the 12.30 train so we had a 2 hour wait for the high speed Thalys train which was full with insufficient storage space for our cases which, to our concern, had to be left in the corridor near the door. The train was very fast making Paris in just over 2 hours. Then we had to transfer to the Metro for a stinking hot trip right across Paris then a 10th minute walk to our hotel.
Today has been much more fun, although perhaps even hotter, with visits to Saint Chapelle, the Notre Dame (pic above from the lovely garden behind the cathedral), the Musee de L’Orangerie (brilliant) and to Montmartre for an evening beer.

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  1. We too felt anxious about leaving our luggage in the luggage rack at the door of the train. We had a delicious meal in a quaint little bistro in Montmartre where we stayed in a quirky apartment overlooking the busy streets. Your sketch of Notre Dame is from a complimentary view with the green softening the more usual angles. We were unable to take the river cruise in Brugges as it rained, it is a very ancient and lovely city, the city bus trip was very informative. The frites museum proved to be an unexpected treasure. It is always a bonus having locals to stay with and take you sightseeing, adds to the variety of your traveling experiences.

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